• First Graduation Ceremony
  • German Expert Mr. Rolf Muller and Mr. Karl Scheffer
  • An Autonomous Institute affiliated to shivaji university, kolhapur
  • International Alumni Meet 2016
  • DKTE "Best Industry-Linked Engineering Institute" AWARD 2015


          TIFAC has mounted Mission REACH (Relevance & Excellence in ACHieving new heights in educational institutions) to establish TIFAC-COREs (Centre of Relevance and Excellence established by the Technology Information, Forecasting and Assessment Council, Department of Science & Technology, Government of India) in diverse disciplines in different educational institutions throughout the country, which is a follow-up of the Technology Vision 2020 exercise.

          Mission REACH aims to create a constellation of world class COREs-Centres of Relevance & Excellence-in diverse disciplines across the length and breadth of the country. Mission REACH intends to create 80-100 such COREs, which together will emerge as a network of mini IITs across the country, integrally connected physically and electronically through a mix of landline and V-SAT networking. Mandated to turn out top quality human resource in the area of targeted excellence, which shall be intensely relevant to the Indian Industries and Society.

            TIFAC CORE – Centre Of Relevance & Excellence is an idea that is simple yet vastly powerful. Each CORE will be the outcome of the funding, infrastructure, expertise, knowledge and commitment brought together by the user industry, educational institute and government.

            Every TIFAC-CORE will be a shrine of excellence, with the best of teachers, students, researchers, entrepreneurs and industries. This network of COREs will become a powerful and important resource to realize the dream of a developed India by 2020. It will be resource that is soon to crystallize into a reality, as can be seen by the 26 COREs which are already functioning successfully in various parts of the country.DKTE TIFAC-CORE in Technical Textiles is one of them.

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