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Development of an Instrument for Identification of Handloom Woven Fabrics

Ministry of Textiles, Govt. of India, New Delhi

In India textile industry is divided in three main sectors: hand loom sector, decentralized sector, and the organized sector.

Handloom industry employs large population in manufacturing the fabrics of various types. As such government of India protects the handloom industry. The industry is protected to save the employment of lakhs of people engaged in this industry.

The protection is in the form of reserving few fabric qualities and the subsidy, which power loom owners are not entitled to. Moreover, there are exports of large quantities handloom fabrics as there is good demand for the Indian handloom fabrics due to the texture and designs etc.

The possibility of power loom owners manufacturing the fabric on power loom and selling it as hand loom fabric in domestic and international market can not be completely overlooked. The related authorities receive complaints regarding such cases.

Till recent days, there was no instrument to differentiate the fabric made on handlooms and other power operated looms. As such it becomes very difficult to solve such complaints.

Now, we have made an instrument as shown in photograph to identify handloom fabrics beyond doubt. The institute is patenting the same.

For more details and commercial dealing regarding this instrument one may contact:

Prof. H.R. Shah: 91 9422616115
Email ID - hasmu2@yahoo.com

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