• First Graduation Ceremony
  • German Expert Mr. Rolf Muller and Mr. Karl Scheffer
  • An Autonomous Institute affiliated to shivaji university, kolhapur
  • International Alumni Meet 2016
  • DKTE "Best Industry-Linked Engineering Institute" AWARD 2015


With a view to provide boost to this second largest industry in India, office of the Textile Commissioner, Govt. of India has announced different schemes to enhance/promote Technical Textiles in India as a part of Technology Mission for Technical Textiles. Thus, various Centers of Excellence (CoE) in different segments of Technical Textiles have been created. Our institute has been designated to establish a Center of Excellence in Nonwovens and Govt. of India, Ministry of Textiles will be providing Rs.25 Crores to set-up and establish this very prestigious project of CoE in Nonwovens.

The facilities to be created in this CoE are:

  •     Facilities for testing and evaluation of products of Non-Wovens segments of technical textiles with national / international   
        accreditation and collaboration with foreign institutes / laboratories
  •     Resource Centre with I.T. infrastructure
  •     Facilities for indigenous development of prototypes
  •     Facilities for training of core personnel and regular training of personnel from the technical textile industry
  •     Knowledge sharing with stake holders
  •     Incubation Centre
  •     Setting up of standards at par with global level


More Details

Visit Website:  http://www.dktecoenonwovens.in


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