• First Graduation Ceremony
  • German Expert Mr. Rolf Muller and Mr. Karl Scheffer
  • An Autonomous Institute affiliated to shivaji university, kolhapur
  • International Alumni Meet 2016
  • DKTE "Best Industry-Linked Engineering Institute" AWARD 2015



To be one of the leading libraries having computerised automation. To kindle interest of student community towards reading by providing the best access to current and emerging information / knowledge they need, through books, journals and other media like electronics and web based resources. To enhance  teaching,  learning & research  activities, also to render the services to industry in particular and society in general in the area of information  and  knowledge.


  • The  library  will work as the best service centre  for  nurturing  the budding  talents  by creating  the conducive  environment  for learning and transfer of knowledge through rich collection of books, journals and e-resources.
  • To create full-fledged automation in library so as to render excellent support for teaching learning and research to boost the student centered activities.
  • To nurture a suitable work place armed with ethical values for contributing the institute’s future development.

Our ‘Library’ is housed in a spawning 3000 sq mt area with internationally renowned collection of Books, International magazines, Bound Volumes & Compact Disks (C.D’S) on wide varying subjects such as Technical, Science, Business & societal. The library continues to be a “Prime resource” supporting Teaching, Research & Consultancy Services offered to Faculty, students, Researchers, Industrial members & Private firms.

Library procures books & Journals annually. Apart from this it has also received several donations from enlightened students/staff consultants and well-wishers. Considering the rapid advances in various branches of engineering the management of our Institute makes provisions to the tune of Rs. 25lakhs every year for the library budget, enabling the fast growth of its collections. On an average around 500 students/day visit various sections of library to use the facilities.

Present Library Collection
Program No. of Titles No. of Volumes International 
C.D.s V.C.Ds
* Textiles P.G. 740 1117 16 30 665 222
  U.G. 5399 17974
* Electronics/E & Tc P.G. 190 639 08 10 2228 50
  U.G. 6623 17460
* Mechanicals P.G. 192 522 06 21 460 09
  U.G. 3408 13300
* Computers/IT P.G. 88 366 08 09 1351 8
  U.G. 6819 11374
* Management & Others   3913 10316 07 83 1741 181
Total 27372 73068 45 153 6445 470
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