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Dr. D. V. Kodavade delivering his speech on Activities Conducted at our e-Yantra Nodal Centre on Robotics at National Syposium on robotics held at Indian Institute of Technology Bombay,10th and 11th April, 2015


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Dr. D. V. Kodavade delivering his keynote speech on Knowledge Based Computer Systems and Its Applications to Engineering Sector in 4th Annual World Congress on Emerging Trends in Information Technology "InfoTech 2015" held at Shenzhen, China. April 18-22, 2015. 

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Dr. D. V. Kodavade delivering his presentation on Foundation Program Activities of Infosys Campus Connect Program at co-ordinator meet held at Infosys Pune

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Prof. Dr.D.V.Kodavade, Head of Computer Science & Engineering Department has worked as a member of panel in the Panel Discussions at ‘E-yantra National Symposium’ held at IIT Bombay on 11th and 12th April 2016. He also presented various activities organized/conducted in our institute on Robotics and the activities carried out under NMEICT Project of MHRD, New Delhi.
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