The research is carried out in the Department in the following areas.

  • Neural Networks, Image Processing, Data Mining and other interdisciplinary areas.
  •  Presented a paper on "Topology and parameter optimization of ANN using Genetic Algorithm for Application of Textiles " at IEEE 5th International workshop on intelligent data Acquisition and Advanced computing systems: Technology and Application Place : Rende(Cosenza),Itely
  • Presented paper  on "Neural Network based Predictive Controller:An Investigation" in its application in Textile and International conferance CIMCA-2005 held in vienna, austria(Central Europe) during 28-30 November 2005.
  • A paper "Backstepping technique based controller for textile process" is accepted for presentation in IEEE international Conference in singapore during 24-26 May 2006

Research and Development Projects

Consultancy Projects
  • Prof. (Dr.) Mrs.L S Admuthe has developed 'An intelligent optimization model for cotton mixing during yarn spinning for spinning department of cotton txtile industry.
  • Mr. S. D. Gokhale is developing testing equipment for Rectiphase Capacitors Nashik as his PG Project.
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