A Guest lecture on “Growth of Micro-devices and Future Scope” is delivered by Mr. Sanjay Kumar Chourasia, (Manager-Product & Manufacturing Engineering Advanced Microdevices, Singapore) an alumnus of our institute (1996 Electronics Batch) on 16th June 2016.

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A Technical session was organized for Final Year students on 2nd July, 2015. In this session Prof. S. N. Mahajan from Department of Information Technology of institute guided students.

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A session on “Use of ICT in Online and Blended MOOCS” was organized in Department of Electronics Engineering on 2nd July, 2016. In that Mrs. D. Y. Loni had given guideline about Course methodologies which can be implement during teaching learning process and also provided information about Open Source platforms. Faculty from Electronics Department participated in it.


The first Board of Studies (BOS) meeting of Electronics Department was arranged on 15th July 2016. The BOS constitutes of dignitaries from academia & industry. There was extensive discussion on the new autonomous curriculum of First Year B. Tech UG & PG program. Dr. (Mrs.) L. S. Admuthe presided the meeting.


“Project Extravaganza”

A workshop on Final year Project Guidance has been organized by Electronics Department from 18th July to 26th July 2016. The workshop covers latest technologies in the field of Embedded System, VLSI and PLC. It includes hands on training in Arduino Uno, Raspberry Pi3, Sparten 6 and Delta PLC.

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 Mr. Anil Birajdar Managing Director of Bheeshma Advisory Pvt. Ltd. Bangalore, has delivered Guest Lecture on Startup India for Second Year Electronics Students on 15th July 2016. He Highlighted the importance of Company Formation, Business Management , Project Development, Mergers & Acquisition ,Intellectual Property.
Mr. Onkar Kulkarni, an alumnus of our Institute (2009 Electronics Batch) delivered a Guest lecture on “Higher Education in Germany and Opportunities in Core Electronics ”, on 20th July 2016.
 Mr. Kuber Patil, Senior consultant TCS Florida US and Our Alumni from 1998 batch, delivered guest lecture on the topic “Carrier Guidance & SMART Manager” on 2nd August 2016. He has guided the students with practical examples and IT requirements.

 “Mini-Project competition/Exhibition” 

The Electronics Department had organized a ‘Mini-Project competition/Exhibition’ on 26th August 2016. Projects like Home Automation, Hand Gesture controlled Robot, Soccer Robot, Walking Robot using Aurdino, Prosthetic Hand using Myoelectric Sensor and many interesting projects are developed by our students. The event received an overwhelming participation from Second to Final year students. Nearly 165 students’ enrolled in the event and more than 50 projects were involved in the competition.

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 Picture13  Picture14


The electronics department had organized campus activity event EPISTEME on 3rd September 2016 under IETE student’s chapter. The rounds conducted in the event were Aptitude test, Group discussion, Surprise round (act on theme), Personal interview. The event received overwhelming participation around 90 students from various colleges like Walchand College,Sangli,PVPIT,DYP Kolhapur, SIT etc.

 Picture15  Picture16
 A one day workshop on MULTISIM has been arranged for second year electronic students on 3rd September, 2016. Total 40 students of SE from our college and 11 students from other colleges (SITCOE and SGI) have participated in the workshop. Prof. S. D. Gokhale and Mr. S. J. Patil have conducted the workshop. Every student actively participated and designed various wave shaping circuits.
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 An educational visit was organized for SE (Eelectronics) students to All India Radio (Akashvani), Ratnagiri, on 07th September, 2016.

Departmental Advisory Board (DAB) Meeting for the Electronics Engineering Department was held on 29th September, 2016. The meeting was attended by Prof. (Dr.) D. B. Talange from College of Engineering Pune, Prof. (Dr.) Anil Nandy from KLE Technological University, Hubli, along with Industry, Alumni and student members.


Guest lecture on Real Time Operating System was conducted in Electronics Engineering Department on 1st October 2016. Dr. V.B. Dharmadhikari, of WCE, Sangli delivered guest lecture for Final Year Electronics students in Embedded System Design.


Two Days Workshop on ’Research & Methodology’ was organized by IEEE Student Chapter of Electronics Engineering on 8th & 9th October 2016. Prof. (Dr.) C. D. Lokhande Research Director D. Y. Patil University Kolhapur was invited as an Expert speaker to provide guidelines on “Research Methodology”. All PG students of all the departments has attended the workshop.



1. Three days workshop on “Basics of PLC” at was conducted at department for final year students.To conduct this workshop, We are very much thankful to Vijayshree Sutar, Shubhangi Shedsale and Supriya Sawant (Our Alumini) for their active and devotional involvement in making the work shop successful. Total 120 students from final year had participated in this, Prof S. D. Gokhale coordinated this.

Picture1 Picture2


2. Electronics department has organized “Project Extravaganza”-one week workshop (13th -19th July 2015) on 'Embedded Systems and PLC Design' with the objective of providing the knowledge about latest technologies and project based hands on training in the area of PLC, ARM7 and ARM cortex. More than 50 groups have registered for the workshop from various colleges. The workshop will be helpful for the final year engineering student to select and carry out their academic. Mrs.S. A. Pore, Mr. S. M. Karmuse, Mrs. A. R. Patil, Mr. N. B. Kapase, Mr. M.K. Patil are resource persons and have taken special efforts for the workshop.

Picture3 Picture4


3. Guest Lecture on “Career Guidance’’ was conducted on 10th August, 2015.Our Alumni Miss. Sujata Jadhav shared her experience with third year electronics engineering students, she also guided for there career. Mrs. S. A. Pore, have taken special efforts for this.


4. A expert Lecture on “How to Become Entrepreneur” was arranged on 19th August. 2015. Our alumni and owner of Samarth LED Walls, Mr. Mahesh Wagh had given enlighten final year students on this topic. Prof. A. V. Shah coordinated this event. On same day Dr. Naik form ISRO visited our institute. He intarcacted with third year students and given information about “ISRO”. Prof U. A. Patil taken special effort for this.



 5. A session on “Enhancing Students Employability” was arranged on 20th August, 2015. Mr. Satyen Parikh, former Vice President (India & South Asia) of IBM, has been conducted brain storming session on "ENHANCING STUDENTS EMPLOYBILITY" for Electronics Engineering students. The session was very much useful for students to increase their opportunities to be get selected in campus recruitment. Prof. R. N. Patil coordinated this session.


 6. 'Sadbhavana Diwas' is observed on 20th August Nation-wide every year. The theme of "Sadbhavana Diwas" is to promote National Integration and communal harmony among the people of all religions, languages. Students, Faculty & Staff members of DKTE took a Sadbhavana Day Pledge on that day.

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 7. A MOU is signed between MICRO-LOG Systems and Technology Pvt. Ltd. Kolhapur (hereafter referred to as MICRO-LOG), and Electronics Enggineering Department on 21st August,2015. The purpose this is to enrich the technical education process and to jointly work for enhancing the quality of education imparted to students of different undergraduate and postgraduate programs. Prof (Dr.) P.V.Kadole Principal ,Mr Atul Shinde Director MICRO-LOG Systems ,Prof(Dr.) Mrs. L,S.Adhmute. Vice principal & Prof A.V.Shah faculty member were present at moment.


8. A session name “Smart Engineers” is arranged for students on 28th August, 2015. Mr. Sudhir Panditrao from ,San Techno Mentors, Pune, guided students in it.


9. Parents meet of Department of Electronics has been conducted on 5th September 2015. For this meeting around 200 parents were present. During the meeting various points were discussed related to the overall development of the students as well as institute. On Same day Teacher’s Day is also celebrated.

Picture11 Picture12


10. One day workshop on MULTISIM11.0 has been arranged on 11th Sept., 2015 for SE (Electronics) students. The basic objective behind the work shop is to train students in the field of Simulation so that they can check there hardware using this tool. Total 61 students participated and Prof. S. D. GOKHALE conducted the workshop.

Picture13 Picture14

11. Project Exhibition and presentation contest was organized by Electronics department on Engineers day 15th Sept.,2015. More than 120 students participated in the contest. More than 500 students from other college have visited the exhibition. Students from various colleges have enjoyed the function and celebrated the Engineer’s day.

Picture15 Picture16
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 12. D.K.T.E's Textile & Engineering Institute had organized a one day workshop on 'OUTCOME BASED EDUCATION' on 25th September 2015. Prof. Dr. V S Bandal (Asso. Prof College of Engineering, Pune ) was invited as an expert to provide guidelines on outcome based education process. There was a thorough discussion with the expert regarding the implementation issues of OBE in the workshop. All H.O.D's, NBA Coordinators and faculty representatives of all departments attended the workshop.

Picture19 Picture20


13. Electronics Dept has inaugurated IETE student chapter at the hands of Mr Rameshndra Bhorania & Mr Gajanan jadhav of Misubishi Electric Pune, on 1st Oct., 2015. Dr P V Kadole guided students to plan various activities under IETE student chapter . Mr Bhorania has delivered Expert lecture on Industry 4.0. He has given information about opportunities created by Internet on things in Communication, Medical retails, Vehicals & Bulding Automation. Mr Gajanan Jadhav has given a talk on E-Factory related to industrial Automation & explained the Process in Industry,Smart robots , Big data management etc. He has given information of next generation FA(faculty Automation). 

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 14. Two Days Workshop on ‘Research & Methodology’(RM) was organized by IEEE Student Chapter of Electronics Engineering on 16th &17th October 2015. Prof. (Dr.) C.V. Lokhande Head Of Physics Dept, Shivaji University Kolhapur was invited as an Expert speaker to provide guidelines on “Research Methodology”. Prof. (Dr) P. V. Kodole Principal Prof (Dr) L. S. Admuthe Head of Dept Electronics Engineering Prof A. V. Shah Convener were present. PG students of all the departments has attended the workshop.

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15. An educational visit was organized for SE (ETRX) students to All India Radio(Akashvani), Kolhapur Road, Sangli on 19th and 20th October 2015. Objectives of visits are to get the knowledge of AM Studio and transmission process (Recording and Broadcasting process). 53 students visited on 19th Oct. and 80students visited on 20th Oct.

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 16. Expert lecture on Preparation for Gate by GATE Forum 28th January, 2016

gate1 gate2


17. Expert lecture on GRE and TOFEL on 06th February, 2016


18. A MOU is signed between Brahma Sales and Services, Sangli and Electronics Engineering Department on 11th February ,2016.



19. A MOU is signed between Prolific System & Technologies Pvt. Ltd Pune, and Electronics Engineering Department on 11th February ,2016.



20. One Day Workshop on “Embedded C Programming” for Final Year Diploma Students was organized by Department of Electronics Engineering on 20th February 2016.



21. Department of Electronics Engineering and Students’ Chapter of IETE of our Institute organized Two Day Workshop on ‘Skill Development’ on 25th & 26th February 2016. This is conducted by Dr. Mrs. Madhuri Hebbalkar, Director of 'Annapurna Institute Of Management Research' , Sankeshwar.

skill1 skill2


22. “Farewell Function”

In emotional atmosphere inside the seminar Hall in the college campus the farewell function to the 25th batch of BE ETRX was held on 6th April 2016. Ms. Rafat Peerjade, Mr. H. Kudalkar and other students reminiscence their college days and thanked the teachers for their endearing efforts in shaping up the destiny of a students and for being there when it mattered.

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