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Academic Year 2017-18
Sr. No. Event Date
 01  One day workshop on "GPU Architecture and Programming" by TCS, Pune.  18/09/2017
Academic Year 2016-17
Sr. No. Event Date
 01  Two days workshop on "Android Application Development" by MySoftWay  10/02/2017-11/02/2017
Academic Year 2015-16
Sr. No. Event Date
01 Quiz Contest- "Login 2k15" 15/09/2015
02 One day workshop on "Big data - Hadoop" by Mr. Ganesh Bhosale, Pragma Information Systems, Pune. 19/03/2016
Academic Year 2015-16
Sr.No. Event  Date
01 Aagaazz-2k15 31/01/2015
02 Seminar on "Sentimental Analysis" by Mr. Aditya Joshi, IIT Mumbai 10/04/2015
Academic Year 2013-14
 Sr.No.  Event  Date
01 One day workshop on "Rational Software Architect" by Mr. Amit Dharwal, IBM 24/09/2013
02 Seminar on ".Net Framework and Architecture" by Tushar Mali, All Script Solution, Pune  17/01/2014
Academic Year 2012-13
Sr.No. Event Date
01 Seminar on "Web Application Development" by Mr. Rohit Kulkarni, Integrate Info Solution, Pune 09/04/2012
02 Seminar on "Application of Image Processing" by Mr. Nikhil Padate, Pune 15/09/2012
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