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Final Time Table of Makeup - 2018


Sr. No. Course Program Name

First Year

(Fresh & Backlog)

Second Year

(Fresh & Backlog)

1. B. Tech. Textile Technology  <<Click Here>>  <<Click Here>>
2 Man Made Textile Technology  <<Click Here>>  <<Click Here>>
3. Textile Plant Engineering  <<Click Here>>  <<Click Here>>
4. Textile Chemistry  <<Click Here>>  <<Click Here>>
5. Fashion Technology  <<Click Here>>  <<Click Here>>
6. Electronics Engineering  <<Click Here>>  <<Click Here>>
7. Mechanical Engineering  <<Click Here>>
8. Computer Science & Engineering  <<Click Here>>
9. Information Technology  <<Click Here>>
10. Electronics & Tele-Communication Engg.  <<Click Here>>
11. M. Tech. Textile Technology  <<Click Here>>  
12. Textile Chemistry  <<Click Here>>  
13. Technical Textiles  <<Click Here>>  
14. Electronics Engineering  <<Click Here>>  
15. Mechanical Engg. (Product Design & Development)    
16. Computer Science & Engineering  <<Click Here>>  
17. M.B.A. Master of Business Administration  <<Click Here>>  <<Click Here>>
18. Master of Business Administration (Textile)  <<Click Here>>  <<Click Here>>

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