Photocopy & Revaluation of Assessed Theory Answer Book/s




          1. Application for Photocopy, Revaluation and Justification form is available on

               institute website.

              Application Form for Photocopy       <<Click Here to Download>>

              Application Form for Revaluation   <<Click Here to Download>>

               Justification Form                               <<Click Here to Download>>


          2. Submit the duly filled application for Photocopy along with Grade Card at

              Autonomous Examination Cell by paying the prescribed fees.


           3. Collect the Photocopy of Answer Book/s next day of submission of

             application between 03.00 pm to 06.00 pm from Autonomous Examination Cell.


           4. Those who want to apply for Revaluation should submit application for revaluation,

               justification form and photocopy issued by Examination Cell along with Grade Card 

               by paying prescribed fees at Autonomous Examination Cell.





  • The facility of Photocopy & Revaluation  of Assessed Theory Answer Book/s  is to be regarded as a special facility and not a right in the strict sense of the term.
  • College Identity Card is compulsory for Photocopy & Revaluation activities.


                                                For Important Dates  <<Click Here>>

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