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Academic Council

Academic Year 2016 to 2018

Sr.No. Name Category / Occupation Designation
1 Prof. (Dr). P. V.Kadole Director of the Institute Chairman

Prof. (Dr.)  U. J. Patil

Dy. Director (Administration)

Head of the Textile Dept. Member

Prof. (Dr.) L. S. Admuthe

Dy. Director (Academics)

Head of the ETRX Dept. Member

Prof. (Dr.) D. V. Kodavade

Dean (Project & Consultancy)

Head of the CSE Dept. Member

Prof. (Dr.) V. R. Naik

Dean (Quality Assurance)

Head of the Mech. Department Member
6 Prof. (Dr.) S. A. Patil Head of the ENTC Department Member
7 Prof. (Dr.) S. K. Shirgave Head of the I.T. Department Member
8 Prof. S. R. Patil Head of the MBA  Department Member
9 Prof. (Dr.) M. Y. Gudiyawar Senior Faculty Member
10 Prof. (Dr.) Mrs. V. Jayashree Senior Faculty Member
11 Prof. Shankar A. Patil Senior Faculty Member

Prof R.  N.  Patil

Dean (Students & Infra)

Senior Faculty Member
13 Dr. Dhananjay Gunde BOG  Nominee - Medicine Member
14 Mr. Surendra Jain BOG  Nominee - Industry Member
15 Mr. Laxmansa Katwa BOG Nominee - Industry Member
16 Dr Adv. Santosh Shah BOG Nominee - Law Member
17 Dr. V. Subramanian BOG  Nominee - Education Member
18 Mr. S. A. Sawant BOG Nominee - Education Member
19 Dr. D. T. Shirke University Nominee Member
20 Dr. R. K. Kamat University Nominee Member
21 Dr. Jaydeep Bagi University Nominee Member

Prof. (Dr.) S. B. Vhanbatte

Dean (R & D)

Faculty Member nominated by the Principal Member Secretary

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